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Catellani&Smith: Giulietta BE F

Giulietta BE F

Catellani&Smith: Giulietta BE F
The light

The origins

Thanks to battery operation and the absence of cables, the new Giulietta BE can be ‘transported’ easily anywhere. With a simple touch of the hand, Giulietta BE can be switched on and set to three different light intensities. Giulietta BE consists of a thin rod – which originates from a circular base – and a circular disc surrounding the rod, apparently without any support. The disc concealing the light source is the distinctive feature of the lamp, which is part of the “Giulietta” collection.

My past and what I built so far are part of me, but Enzo Catellani was born today, with the desire to travelling backwards to rediscover the primal instinct of doing, for the pleasure of creating.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

When dealing with creativity, mutability and incoherence are the only symptoms you do not need to treat.

Enzo Catellani

More details

Catellani&Smith: Giulietta BE F
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Available versions

  • black
  • vintage brass


Materials and colors

vintage brass or black hoop and base with brass rod

Light source

LED board 1x2,8W / rated output 2,8W 5V / energy class A+ / lumen 283 / K 2700 / CRI >90

Power supply

battery Li-iON 3,7V 4100 mAh
battery charger input 110/240V output 5V@1,2 A
touch dimmer


base and hoop Ø 13 cm
H 110 cm

Order code

GBFBblack base and hoop / brass rod
GBFBRvintage brass base and hoop / brass rod

Energy labels

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