Jackie O Chandelier 15 / 20 / 24

Jackie O Chandelier 15 / 20 / 24


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The origins

Jackie O was developed at the request of an architect, who wanted to place the “Wa Wa” light over a large table. While working on the project, Enzo Catellani realised the unique quality of the item he had in his hands. He strived once again to achieve “absolute zero” and hoped even to eliminate the cable, which he did so by developing, for the very first time, an extremely thin cable covered in blue fabric, later also used in other items.

Our products are hand-crafted in Italy, close to the banks of the river Serio, near Bergamo.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

It is not difficult to find something in this world that can be manufactured slightly worse and sold at a lower cost. The true victim of this situation is he who considers only the price.

John Ruskin

More details

Catellani&Smith: Jackie O Chandelier 15 / 20 / 24
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Available versions

  • nickel



pendant lamp

Materials and colours

satin steel base, blue cables, nickel-plated copper curls, removable glass lens

Light source

interchangeable LED 1x1W cad. / rated output 1W 350mA cad. / energy classA+ / lumen 100 cad. / K 2700 / CRI 80

Power supply

driver 350mA 110V or 240V IGBT/Triac dimmable


15/20/24 LED
base 150×30 or 60×60 cm
H tot. 120 cm not adjustable,
lens Ø 32 mm

Order code

JO15Q15 LED / base 60x60 cm
JO20Q20 LED / base 60x60 cm
JO24Q24 LED / base 60x60 cm
JO15R15 LED / base 150x30 cm
JO20R20 LED / base 150x30 cm
JO24R24 LED / base 150x30 cm