Luna Piena

Luna Piena

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The origins

Luci d’Oro was developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations.

When I live by what I thought the day before, I will start fearing him, who copies from me.

Fortunato Depero

The making of

My past and what I built so far are part of me, but Enzo Catellani was born today, with the desire to travelling backwards to rediscover the primal instinct of doing, for the pleasure of creating.

Enzo Catellani

More details

luxury lamp luna piena
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Available versions

  • flying silver coloured leaf
  • flying gold coloured leaf
  • flying copper coloured leaf



ceiling or wall lamp


aluminium disc lined with flying leaf, flex

Colour combinations

disc lined with flying gold coloured leaf / exterior grey matt / white base / brass flex

disc lined with flying silver coloured leaf / exterior grey matt / white base / nickel flex

disc lined with flying copper coloured leaf / exterior grey matt / white base / brass flex

Light source

LED bulb GU5.3 12V 1x7,5W / energy class F / lumen 630 / K 3000 / CRI 90

EPREL registered light source, click here

Power supply

220-240V low voltage LED transformer / Triac dimmable
(110V version available on request)


base Ø 16×6 cm
ledge 10 cm ca
disc Ø 80 flex Ø 1,3×50 cm
disc Ø 120 flex Ø 1,5×80 cm

Order code Ø 80 cm


Order code Ø 120 cm