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Pepita catellani


pepita catellani&smith
The light

The origins

Like a small “pepita d’oro” (gold nugget), this recessed lamp is ‘set’ into the wall, emitting a warm, soft light.

The time it takes to make a well-made lamp, is the time it takes to make a lamp well-made.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

The basic rule that I’ve set for everything I do and that I’ve instilled in my collaborators is to put your heart and soul into what you’re doing.

Enzo Catellani

More details

Pepita catellani
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Available versions

  • white
  • gold coloured leaf
  • silver coloured leaf



aluminium shade, nickel-plated copper LED support, plasterboard panel

Light source

Pepita 1 LED
interchangeable LED 1x1W / rated output 1W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 100 / K 2700 / CRI 80

Pepita 2 LED
interchangeable LED 2x1W / rated output 2W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 200 / K 2700 / CRI 80

Power supply

driver not included, available on request


shade Ø 8 cm
panel 20×22 cm,
built-in depth 4,5 cm

shade Ø 14 cm
panel 30×30 cm,
built-in depth 7,5 cm

Order code

P1W/ 1 LED / white
P1G/ 1 LED / gold
P1S/ 1 LED / silver
P2W/ 2 LED / white
P2G/ 2 LED / gold
P2S/ 2 LED / silver

Power Supply Unit

K0W6W driver kit / not dimmable / max 5x1W lamps
K1W6W driver kit / 1...10V-PUSH dimmable / max 5x1W lamps
K2W19W driver kit / 1...10V-PUSH dimmable / max 15x1W lamps
K4W40W driver kit / 1...10V-PUSH-DALI dimmable / max 24x1W lamps
K5W18W driver kit / Triac/IGBT dimmable / max 15x1W lamps

Energy labels

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