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PostKrisi 40 catellani

PostKrisi W 21 / 40 / 60

postkrisi 40 catellani
The light

The origins

With PostKrisi Enzo Catellani began working and moulding fibreglass.
This material fascinated him due to its incredible versatility and strength, but above all for the shadows it casts when it interacts with light.

The time it takes to make a well-made lamp, is the time it takes to make a lamp well-made.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

It is not difficult to find something in this world that can be manufactured slightly worse and sold at a lower cost. The true victim of this situation is he who considers only the price.

John Ruskin

More details

PostKrisi 40 catellani
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Available versions

  • hand painted white fiberglass
  • fiberglass lined with silver coloured leaf
  • fiberglass lined with gold coloured leaf



metal structure, fiberglass shade

Light source

interchangeable LED 2x1W / rated output 2W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 200 / K 2700 / CRI 80


driver 350 mA 110V or 240V


PostKrisi 40/60
base Ø 9×3 cm,
shade Ø 40/60 cm,
H total 60 cm,
ledge 25 cm

PostKrisi 21
base Ø 9×3 cm,
shade Ø 21 cm,
H total 23 cm,
ledge 14 cm

Order code 21

PKP21LNØ 21 cm / natural
PKP21LWØ 21 cm / white
PKP21LGØ 21 cm / gold
PKP21LSØ 21 cm / silver

Order code 40

PKP40LWØ 40 cm / white
PKP40LGØ 40 cm / gold
PKP40LSØ 40 cm / silver

Order code 60

PKP60LW Ø 60 cm / white
PKP60LG Ø 60 cm / gold
PKP60LS Ø 60 cm / silver

Energy labels

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