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Stchu moon 02 catellani

Stchu-Moon 02

Stchu moon 02 catellani smith
The light

The origins

Stchu-Moon separates the light source from the lighting object, which takes on its own aesthetic quality as a result. The light is refracted off deliberately irregular surfaces, which multiplies their quantity, making the entire object a glowing light.

My past and what I built so far are part of me, but Enzo Catellani was born today, with the desire to travelling backwards to rediscover the primal instinct of doing, for the pleasure of creating.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

Our products are crafted
using both hands and brain.

Enzo Catellani

More details

Stchu moon 02 catellani
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Available versions

  • irregular surface lined with silver leaf
  • irregular surface lined with gold leaf
  • irregular surface lined with copper leaf


Materials and colours

black metal base; aluminium hemisphere with internal irregular surface lined with gold/silver/copper coloured leaf, matt black exterior, steel spoon lamp holder

Light source

Ø 40/60 cm
LED board 24V DC / 2x5W / energy class A / lumen 1000 / K range 2600-2800 / CRI 80

Ø 80/100 cm
LED board 24V DC / 4x5W / energy class A / lumen 2000 / K range 2600-2800 / CRI 80

available on request version with mains voltage LED bulbs (with nickel base and black cable)

Power supply

driver 24V DC low voltage 220-240V Triac dimmable
(110V available on request)


base Ø 15×7,5 cm,
Ø 40/60 cm with 2 spoons
Ø 80/100 cm with 4 spoons
suspensions cables 170 cm to be cut to size

Order code Ø 40/60

SM24LSØ 40 cm / silver
SM24LGØ 40 cm / gold
SM24LCØ 40 cm / copper
SM26LSØ 60 cm / silver
SM26LGØ 60 cm / gold
SM26LCØ 60 cm / copper

Order code Ø 80/100

SM28LSØ 80 cm / silver
SM28LGØ 80 cm / gold
SM28LCØ 80 cm / copper
SM210LSØ 100 / cm silver
SM210LGØ 100 / cm gold
SM210LCØ 100 / cm copper

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