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Catellani&Smith: Wa W

Wa W

Catellani&Smith: Wa W
The light

The origins

“I was at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, presenting my new collection developed using LED circuits. I saw a Japanese lady pointing at my lamps and repeatedly saying “wa wa”. I went towards her and when I curiously asked her the reason, she told me “wa” meant “perfect”. I was touched and thanked her; I looked at the lamp, which was still nameless, and decided to call it “Wa Wa”.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Lord Chesterfield

The making of

If you want to make beautiful things, you have to produce them in a beautiful place.

Enzo Catellani

More details

Catellani&Smith: Wa W
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Available versions

  • nickel



metal structure and flex, copper stick, magnet, removable glass lens

Light source

interchangeable LED 1x1W / rated output 1W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 100 / K 2700 / CRI 80

Power supply

110V or 240V
mod. A / plug driver 220-240V with EU plug and cord dimmer or plug driver 110-240V with interchangeable plugs and cord dimmer
mod. B / driver 350mA


mod. A
H max 25 cm variabile,
variable ledge 27 cm,
flex Ø 0,4×25 cm,
lens Ø 20 mm

mod. B
base Ø 9×3 cm,
H max 25 cmvariabile,
variable ledge 30 cm,
flex Ø 0,4×25 cm,
lens Ø 20 mm

Order code

WAPAmod. A
WAPBmod. B

Energy labels

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