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Catellani&Smith: Wa Wa W

Wa Wa W

Catellani&Smith: Wa Wa W
The light

The origins

“I was at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, presenting my new collection developed using LED circuits. I saw a Japanese lady pointing at my lamps and repeatedly saying “wa wa”. I went towards her and when I curiously asked her the reason, she told me “wa” meant “perfect”. I was touched and thanked her; I looked at the lamp, which was still nameless, and decided to call it “Wa Wa”.

The basic rule that I’ve set for everything I do and that I’ve instilled in my collaborators is to put your heart and soul into what you’re doing.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

I can’t believe what I’ve done so far... It looks like a miracle.

Enzo Catellani

More details

Catellani&Smith: Wa Wa W
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Available versions

  • nickel



metal base and structure, copper sticks, removable glass lens

Light source

interchangeable LED 3x1W / rated output 3W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 300 / K 2700 / CRI 80

Power supply

driver 350mA 110V not dimmable or 240V dimmable


base Ø 9×3 cm,
H 60 cm,
ledge 26 cm

Codice d'ordine


Energy labels

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