La Villa sul Palazzo

Villa sul Palazzo, Italy

Ramón Esteve

photo by Alfonso Calza

La Villa sul Palazzo

Villa Carrega, built in 1912 as accommodation for Prince Carrega in Rome, has been subject to a conversion project thanks to architect Ramón Esteve, who has designed a new ‘Villa sul Palazzo’, a luxury residence set atop the former Villa, which enjoys a splendid view over the city and the Tiber Valley. The project has preserved the original architecture of the building and its privileged relationship with the surrounding landscape, maintaining a great number of openings, such as arcades, terraces and large windows in the main rooms.
Precious Calacatta marble, Roman travertine, oak wood have been chosen for the interiors, in combination with mirrored glasses and many details in brass, to achieve a warm and classy ambience. Ancient sculptures and classic furnishings have been set in wide spaces of contemporary style, such as the wide room where a Macchina della Luce has been installed over a large marble table. The room is characterized by many windows, which allow daylight to reverberate onto the hand-applied golden finish of the suspended discs which compose this iconic lamp by Catellani & Smith. The result is a golden lighting, which emphasizes the veining of the marbles. After sunset, when the lamp is switched on, Macchina della Luce continues to diffuse a warm and relaxing light in the stylish room, in harmony with the brass details of the ceiling and the natural colours of the furnishings.

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