Spheres of light for Audi Chef’s Cup Südtirol

Spheres of light for Audi Chef’s Cup Südtirol

Alta Badia, 18/23 January. The scenic panorama of the Dolomites acted as a backdrop for the tenth edition of the Audi Chef’s Cup Südtirol, the annual event celebrating the changes and evolution of haute cuisine and wellbeing. Open to chefs, professionals, producers and to the many enthusiasts, the Chef’s Cup is currently a fundamental appointment for the food, wine and lifestyle sector, but also an informal encounter to be experienced with both interest and curiosity, among meetings, investigations and debates connected to health, gastronomy and Italianness, with all the light-heartedness and joy of those who wish to experience fun and sport. Cookery courses, gastronomic and sports events and fun parties once again animated this gourmet week, which offered a packed calendar of events characterised by craftsmanship, raw materials of superb quality and workmanship, and above all with the passion of creating and a love of beauty.

In line with these concepts, which have led the company to the international success it can boast today, Catellani & Smith provided for the event many and different versions of its most representative work, Fil de Fer, a spectacular sphere made of metal wire studded with small drops of light that give it sophisticated, magical allure. The handcrafted interwoven light ‘illuminated with an interplay of light and shade’  the parterre of the Gran Risa run, which hosted the Alpine Ski Cup on Thursday 22 January, the event’s site of friendly challenge. Fil de Fer thus animated with light this small valley, a place of relaxation where you can enjoy the views, good company and good food, as well the showcooking events.

Catellani & Smith, a creative, exciting Italian company, with its Fil de Fer light has proved to be the perfect partner for this multifaceted event that pays homage to uniqueness, the quality of true Italian produce and the lifestyle of our country.

Photo by Meschina, Alex-Moling, Daniel Tîchterle

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