56 Petits Bijoux

56 Petits Bijoux

Catellani&Smith: 56 Petits Bijoux
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The origins

Petits Bijoux is a representation of ‘static movement’, the effect of an action that seems to imitate the gesture of throwing a stone into a pool of water, creating concentric waves that propagate into space. The concept of a sphere, the circle as a metaphor for the infinite and perfection, has been favourite, recurring theme during Catellani & Smith’s thirty years of lamp production, and makes it return in this new pendant lamp, a lamp that is remarkably simple in its design but extraordinary in its workmanship.

My past and what I built so far are part of me, but Enzo Catellani was born today, with the desire to travelling backwards to rediscover the primal instinct of doing, for the pleasure of creating.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

I can’t believe what I’ve done so far... It looks like a miracle.

Enzo Catellani

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Catellani&Smith: 56 Petits Bijoux
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Available versions

  • untreated brass



pendant lamp

Materials and colours

white base, untreated brass rings, transparent covers with brass clips

Light source

56x interchangeable LED 1W 24V / rated output 56W / energy class A++ / lumen 8008 / K 2700 / CRI>80

Power supply

driver 110V or 240V IGBT/Triac dimmable


base Ø 32×9 cm
sphere Ø 120 cm ca.

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