AB Piso

AB Piso, Spain

Pablo Serrano Elorduy / Bianco Elorduy / Dom Arquitectura

photo by Jordi Anguera

AB Piso

Pendant lamps belonging to the Stchu-Moon collection by Catellani & Smith have been selected to create a special lighting in this stylish flat located in Sarria-Sant Gervasi district in Barcelona, which has undergone a radical restructuring.
A better continuity of space, achieved modifying the original layout of the rooms, enhances the lamps there installed, which contribute to differentiate the  more cozy areas obtained with the new layout.
In particular, two Stchu-Moon 02 Ø 60 cm in black/gold finish perfectly fit the new furniture of the living-room  and create a warm and pleasant light, in harmony with the new wooden coated walls and with the intense tonality of the new floor, as well as with the modern furniture and some pieces of design selected by the owner.

Project: Dom Arquitectura
Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Interior: Blanca Elorduy
Photo: Jordi Anguera

List of the lamps included

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