Catellani & Smith Inspiration: Ettorino

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Catellani & Smith Inspiration: Ettorino

Catellani & Smith Inspiration is a collection of renderings, created in collaboration with Truetopia (, which visualize the company’s lamps set in several types of spaces. With Inspiration, imagination takes shape and shows how Catellani & Smith’s lamps are suitable to a wide variety of different spaces, such as exclusive hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, theatres, museums, private homes and many more. Inspiration is a tool dedicated to visualize and help find the best solution that meets your requirements.

“In 2004, colour became part of our catalogue for the first time, with the PostKrisi collection. Colour was used as a message of rebirth and joy. Today, that colour is back.”

This return to colour sets the narrative tone for the new Catellani & Smith collection, blue, yellow and red join fluo shades of magenta, yellow, blue and orange, colouring semispheres, rods, bases and unexpected details that bring a lively touch to settings.
So here we find the Ettorino family of lamps, with the T and Clamp desk versions, the F standing lamp and the BIG model that projects magenta-coloured light effects onto the ceiling; and then there’s Ale, with a semisphere that recurs on all the models in the range: in the table versions BIG and BE T (with a battery), the C ceiling lamp and the W wall lamp.
The new models include the perfect, hypnotic Sfera W, with a mirror finish that reflects the observer; the sculptural Cono W wall lamp, and the “magical” Talismano with its enchanting, shimmering light effects, designed by Giulia Archimede and produced in collaboration with the Catellani & Smith Product Development Team.

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