Ettorino BIG
Ettorino BIGEttorino BIG

Ettorino BIG

“In 2004, colour became part of our catalogue for the first time, with the PostKrisi collection. Colour was used as a message of rebirth and joy. Today, that colour is back.” Also available in the classic black and white finishes, the “colourful” versions of the Ettorino lamps feature an elegant combination of primary colours, mixing blue, yellow and red. Preceded by the development of an innovative patented system, these new articulated lamps are characterised by a simple, rigorous design featuring surprising details. The signature feature of all the lamps is a functional detail in the shape of a red, dancing  figure. Ettorino BIG  is a large floor lamp designed for the lighting of a living room or a long table, thanks to a COB LED combined with a very wide optical lens that spreads the light evenly over the surface below.

Good Design Awards 2022
Archiproducts design Awards 2022 – winner

Ettorino BIG - Video


Available versions

Ettorino BIG - white
Ettorino BIG - black
Ettorino BIG - colourful


standing lamp


metal and brass base and structure, aluminium tube

Colour combinations

white base / red vertical tube / yellow/blue structure / yellow tube / red man silhouette / brass details / black wire

black base and structure / red man silhouette / brass details / black wire

white base and structure / red man silhouette / brass details / black wire

Light source

downwards: COB LED 1x15W / rated output 15W / energy class D / lumen 2187 / K 2700 / CRI 80

EPREL registered light source, click here

upwards: LED 1x1W / rated output 1W / energy class D / lumen 140 / K 2700 / CRI 85

EPREL registered light source, click here

Power supply

110-240V* - plug driver

double switching on the base

push dimmer (red button – COB LED directed downwards) / on/off (black button – LED with dichroic filter directed upwards)

* The plug driver 110-240V is supplied with the electrical plug suitable for the market of reference only. Please specify in stage of order if the destination of the product differs from your standard.


base 40×40 cm
light H min. 187 cm / max 238 cm ca.
ledge 200 cm ca.

Order code

colourful / primary colours


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