Fil de Fer in a contemporary Asian style concept

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Fil de Fer in a contemporary Asian style concept

Fil de Fer pendant lamps in aluminum wire have been selected to light up the large rooms of an elegant Villa, whose main features are a focus on an unusual interior garden, with a fountain, a pond with koi fish and water lilies, and large glass walls. Further to enjoying a nice view on the surrounding hills and villages, the Villa establishes a direct contact with nature also in the interiors, where have been used only natural materials throughout and there are also two vertical gardens into the large sitting room. The leitmotiv of the architecture and interior design is minimalism with a touch of Zen style. Thus, the concept required an illumination in style with the contemporary lines of the design. Fil de Fer lamps perfectly meet these requirements , being able to integrate into the light-flooded rooms and almost to disappear during the day, while at night they give life to an enchanting ambience, where nature and human presence combine harmoniously.

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