Fuorisalone, Salvioni Milano Durini

Fuorisalone, Salvioni Milano Durini

The ‘tailor-made’ lights by Catellani & Smith for the Salvioni Milano Durini show-room Since 2017, Salvioni Milano Durini has become the Milanese home of Catellani & Smith, which is the only designer lighting brand represented in the exclusive concept store. On each of the various themed floors of the stately building, different lighting compositions create a clever interplay between furnishings and spaces, to make visitors draw ideas and inspiration for their personal way of enjoying their home living style. Consistently with the bespoke approach that is at the core of the Salvioni vision, which embodies a new concept of multi-brand store, thanks to its tailor-made services, conceived to address ‘tailor made’ solutions to its customers, Catellani & Smith features a tribute to ‘custom-made’, exhibiting extraordinary solutions, all tailor-made. Examples of this are the new chandeliers of great visual impact, such as Gold Moon Chandelier, composed of a variable number of irregular discs set at different heights, the PostKrisi and Sweet Light Chandelier, or the iconic Sorry Giotto, which is presented for the first time in a new finish… instead of the blue colour, its typical feature, the lamp is exhibited at the show-room in a new version in red. Other lamps belonging to the Fil de Fer, Lederam, CicloItalia, Lola, Lucenera, PostKrisi, Stchu-Moon, Malagola e Macchina della Luce series are here exhibited in their standard and/or customized version.

Medousê, the floor lamp for outdoor use by Catellani & Smith, lights up the terraces of the show room in its newly updated version, made of transparent hand-worked glass and details in brass. The new Petits Bijoux and Alchimie lamps, which will be presented simultaneously at Euroluce 2019, are also on display inside the show-room.

A new and captivating creation by Enzo Catellani will also be exhibited to the public. It is a lighting creation in which the object ‘lamp’ has been dematerialized and its lighting source converted into decoration, to show how the technology of the future can play a role at the service of creativity.

Salvioni Milano Durini
Via Durini 3, Milano

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