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Driver / transformers

Driver / transformers

[2] / Driver / transformers
  • Power supply unit

    Electrical device able to convert alternating current (AC) into constant current (CC); generally it also modifies voltage and current intensity.

  • Driver

    Drivers are power supply units for LED diodes. They enable the correct connection of a limited number of diodes, the number depending on the power rating of the power supply unit.

  • Transformer

    Electrical device used to modify voltage and current intensity. There are different types and various wattages. The most common distinction is between electronic and toroidal (or mechanical). Although toroidal transformers are dimmable with dedicated dimmers, it is advisable to choose an electronic transformer in case you want to connect the luminaire to a dimmer or to home automation systems. Compatibility with dimmers or home automation systems must be checked by the customer or designer, since the use of incompatible devices could damage the luminaire itself. Any damage caused by the installation of incompatible dimmers will not be covered by the guarantee. Please note that specific transformers for halogen lamps may not be compatible with LED light bulbs; it is therefore advisable always to choose specific transformers for LED light bulbs (see light sources/LED bulb).