Kingdom of Beauty, Atelier Aldo Coppola

Kingdom of Beauty, Atelier Aldo Coppola, Italy

Anton Kobrinetz

Kingdom of Beauty, Atelier Aldo Coppola

The ultimate temple of light in the very centre of Milan. The innovative concept of the new Atelier of the Milanese hair stylist Aldo Coppola, has taken shape thanks to the creativity of ​Aldo Coppola Jr and to the work of the architect Anton Kobrinetz, to create a unique and futuristic location, lit by the extraordinary creations by Enzo Catellani.
In a perfect blend of light, design, architecture and art, Catellani & Smith confirms his peculiar poetical and creative spirit enhancing the beauty of this exclusive 1000 sq. meters space, built on three floors, without neglecting, however, the importance of a correct balance between brightness and work environment.

Corso Europa, 7 Milan
tel. +39 02.76280558

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