Motel One

Motel One, Germany

photo by NavaRapacchietta

Motel One

An outdoor living area which overlooks the historic centre of Dresden, a location in harmony with architecture, design and art, bewitches the guests of Motel One Dresden am Zwinger with 23 Fil de Fer lamps by Catellani & Smith.
The outdoor lounge area of the hotel is set in a bamboo forest and recalls faithfully the minimalist and modern design of the interior.
An odd but at the same time harmonious effect has been reached by installing several lights, up to 2 m in diameter, here aligned, there apparently placed in a casual display, to create an intriguing and homogeneous effect.

The interiors of Motel One Dresden am Zwinger are decorated in a style that plays with great finesse with contrasting materials and colours.
In a location whose structural metal elements are in sharp contrast with the colour of the surrounding wood, the wallpapers, printed with historical subjects, become the background to contemporary furniture solutions typical of the Nordic style.
The complementarity of brown and blue, amber, copper and bronze makes the atmosphere charming and relaxing.
Catellani & Smith signs again the German hospitality with its Fil de Fer lights, with an absolutely amazing result, a distinctive character of Italian design and craftsmanship.

List of the lamps included

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