The Pakubuwono Apartment

The Pakubuwono Apartment, Indonesia

photo by Ms. Melanie Tanusetiawan / Mr. Sefval Mogalana

The Pakubuwono Apartment

Main contractor: Mr. Rio Ananta / Interior manufacture: Ms. Joyce San  / Lighting designer: Mrs. Ratna Darmawan  / Automation consultant: Mr. Edwin Himawan

Located in one of the recent Pakubuwono development in South Jakarta, Indonesia, which offers high-quality building and great service to the residents, this apartment has been completely renovated with a new design concept based on an elegant combination of modern style and traditional materials like wood and marble. High-quality European furniture and lighting brands have been selected to complement the design project of this 157 m2 apartment, which has been
provided with a home-automation system. A pendant Lederam Manta S2 has been installed over the dining table, in the large open- space living and dining room, where the predominant grey colour, chosen for Tuscany marble floor, curtains and furniture, perfectly harmonize with the white, elegantly shaped pendant lamp, provided with two white discs that hide new generation 17W dimmable LED modules.
In the bathroom, three Lederam W wall lamps diffuse their warm light at the sides of the large mirrors and highlight the finely veined marble- panelled walls, nicely contrasting with the overall dark-grey colour of the room.

Catellani & Smith Distributor:
Class International /

Interior Designer:
Francine Denise Interiors /

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