Private home Londra Mayfair

Private home, United Kingdom

project by Reflex Architecture Arch. Perna/Tulumello

photo by Nava Rapacchietta

Private home Londra Mayfair

Catellani & Smith lamps in a Victorian-style house in London 


A British-style residence, which features the key characteristics of the Victorian era, houses the warm light of many Catellani & Smith lamps that have been selected for this project by Reflex Architecture. From the boiserie that covers the walls to the beautiful stucco ceilings that feature Baroque textures, all the architectural and decorative elements contribute to create what can be recognised at first glance as the most iconic British style.

Starting our visit from the main staircase, we find a custom Chandelier, made up of seven PostKrisi 51 pendant lamps in natural fiberglass and set to be found at each floor level, which enhances the white walls, in contrast with the burnished brown colour of the steps and handrails. The same lamps, this time arranged in a composition of two pendants only, have been installed into the secondary staircase. In both cases, the transparent shades of PostKrisi lamps combine elegantly with the many Light Stick V lamps in satin-gold finish, which have been installed at the walls, to decorate and illuminate the refined white boiserie.  

The interior of the residence is a tribute to elegance, complemented by contemporary artworks and sculptures, English-style fireplaces surrounded by expertly worked frames and ornamental stuccos. Other models of PostKrisi lamps are to be found in the large living room, both in the floor (PostKrisi F 64) and table version (PostKrisi 61). Two spectacular Gold Moon Chandelier play an important role in the room, each one installed above one of the two distinct living areas that are placed on either side of a very nice piano, set at the centre of the room. The Chandeliers diffuse a warm golden light, thanks to the gold-coloured leaf finish of the pendant discs, which are suspended at different heights.

In the dining room, three Stchu-Moon 02 are set in a row above the long table that is surrounded by many seats. The glossy top of the table reflects the golden inside of the pendant lamps and its irregular surface with steel spoons that house the light sources, thus amplifying the refraction effect created by the interaction of light with the golden leaf finish. The lamps belonging to PostKrisi collection have also been selected for the most private rooms. 

In particular, a PostKrisi 49 pendant lamp, in white hand-painted finish and inner lined in gold-coloured leaf, hangs from the dressing room ceiling. The warm golden lighting offered by the lamp creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing, at the same time, the beautiful bas-reliefs that decorate the ceiling. 

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