Selezione  2018

Selezione 2018

In 2015, we organized the past and present production history of Catellani & Smith and catalogued everything that Enzo Catellani has created and ‘brought to light’ since 1989 when he opened his laboratory of magical luminous ideas.

Iconic products such as Turciù, Macchina della Luce, Fil de Fer and Atman were gathered together in the catalogue “Il Dizionario delle Lampade”, a sort of encyclopedic biography of everything we have crafted with care and sold all over the world for almost three decades.
After having examined, almost incredulously, what we have achieved since then, this year, close to our 30th anniversary, we prepared a selection of articles to be featured in the new catalogue.
It has been a long, and not always painless, job… it has not been easy to decide what to ‘set aside’ so that we can continue to keep our collection abreast of the latest technologies.
All lamps were, in fact, assessed in the light of latest technologies available on the market. A selection was then made and their engineering updated. After a careful evaluation in our workshop, each lamp was then analyzed according to a precise criterion.
When switched off, a Catellani & Smith lamp should be aesthetically pleasing and arouse curiosity and create expectations, like a valuable object. When on, it should exceed expectations and stir emotions, being even more beautiful than it appears when set free from the packaging that protects it. Each lamp was then photographed, both switched on and off, using a set specially designed to enhance its features.The result of this work is the Catalogo Selezione 2018, which groups together a selection of the technologically most updated models, which remains faithful to the spirit of craftsmanship that makes each lamp unique and inimitable, despite many attempts at copying. An example of this technological evolution is represented by the Stchu-Moon collection, whose lamps are now provided with latest-generation LED boards but which retain the charm and details that are unique to the collection, such as the irregular and one-off surface of each piece and the unusual spoon that hides the light source. In addition, some models in the PostKrisi collection have been provided with LED retrofit bulbs, chosen because of the imminent removal of halogen bulbs from the market, while other articles are proposed in a new brass version. However, if you would like a model that is not included in the 2018 Selection, we will design a tailor-made solution for the lamp you want, that stays in tune with the times, or, alternatively, we will suggest another model that meets your requirements. The handcrafted nature of our products, combined with our ability to produce bespoke lamps, is, in fact, our strength and sets us apart in all that we make, with passion, here on the Serio river.

Download the Pdf Catalogo Selezione 2018

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