Luce d’Oro T

Luce d’Oro T

luci d'oro catellani&smith
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Les origines

Luci d’Oro naît comme une réflexion sur la couleur de la lumière : la lumière dorée du soleil, du feu ; des lumières chaudes, où le concept de réfraction commence à prendre forme dans l’esprit d’Enzo Catellani, qui l’appliquera souvent à d’autres créations.

It is not difficult to find something in this world that can be manufactured slightly worse and sold at a lower cost. The true victim of this situation is he who considers only the price.

John Ruskin

Comment nait

The basic rule that I’ve set for everything I do and that I’ve instilled in my collaborators is to put your heart and soul into what you’re doing.

Enzo Catellani

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Luce Oro catellani
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Variantes disponibles

  • feuille couleur or
  • feuille couleur cuivre
  • feuille couleur argent

Fiche technique


lampe à poser


waxed rough iron base, flex, aluminium disc (Ø 30 cm)

Colour combinations

disc lined with gold coloured leaf / waxed rough iron base / brass flex

disc lined with silver coloured leaf / waxed rough iron base / nickel flex

disc lined with copper coloured leaf / waxed rough iron base / brass flex

Light source

LED bulb GU4 12V 1x3,5W / energy class A / lumen 140 / K 2700 / CRI 80

Power supply

driver 12V 110V or 240V with on/off


base 21×21 cm,
disc Ø 30 cm,
H max 85 cm

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