Domus Bergamo – Bergamo Wine 2015

Domus Bergamo – Bergamo Wine 2015

Catellani & Smith per Fuori Expo 2015, a Bergamo
Domus Bergamo cut the ribbon on the 26th of March on one of the most important events which will bring Bergamo to life during Expo 2015 which, as we now know, will not be a purely Milanese event but a feature of all the largest art and culture towns in central-northern Italy. Organised by Alta Qualità, the Domus Bergamo – Bergamo Wine 2015 event will bring Italian wine making and the country’s culinary delicacies to the five senses of all those interested in them in a catwalk of flavours and aromas and more than five hundred events focusing on culture, difference and originality lasting seven months. Culture, tourism, food and wine, then, but also a great many partnerships and collective projects for the best jazz, design, art, guided tours and workshops for both young and old in what will be an atelier for over 100 vines and a great many zero miles tastings, all in full respect for tradition. Domus will act as info point and round table for one of the first events organised, the Jacopo Palma the Elder exhibition.

In historic Piazza Dante, Domus will be contemporary, geometric and minimalist in form, in wood and glass, allowing it to meld seamlessly into the surrounding environment in a play of volumes and empty spaces.
The lighting in the building’s 240 square metres of space, open 7 days a week, will be the work of Catellani & Smith who have given it a welcoming, cosy, elegant and almost transcendental feel with their careful space, light and shadow design in a continual dance of reflections on its many glass surfaces.
The gold leaf and warm copper tones of Enzo Catellani’s work will thus produce all enveloping material sensations both direct and ripple effect. Catellani & Smith’s light sculptures, famous for their artistic imprinting, have been present in the most important international public and culture spaces from the Victoria and Albert Museum to Casa Batlò in Barcelona, to cite but a few, for many years.

Piazza Dante – Bergamo everyday from 10.30AM to 22.30PM

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