Hotel de Rougemont

Hotel de Rougemont, Switzerland

Plusdesign, Arch. Claudia Sigismondi & Andrea Proto

photo by Remo Neuhaus / Giovanna Frisardi / Claudia Sigismondi

Hotel de Rougemont

The Hotel de Rougemont is located in Gstaad, surrounded by the vertical panoramas of the French Switzerland. It is a complex of 5 chalets with a stunning view on the mountains and designed for a sophisticated and international target.
Although its structure seems new, it underwent a skilful renovation and interior project carried out by the architects Claudia Sigismondi and Andrea Proto of Plusdesign.
The environments, reinterpreted according to the limits imposed by the pre-existent volumes, gave a surprising result. The discreet luxury of the interior has its roots in the traditional and handcrafted Alpine style, predominated by the warmth of local natural materials: an evergreen with timeless elegance with a contemporary interpretation combining the strong aesthetical impact with a warm and family style hospitality.
In the common spaces, the panels of the ceiling light fixtures and the large windows on the panorama widen the space combining internal and external, thus breaking the uniformity of the rustic surfaces, covered with wooden planks recovered from ancient chalets.
Light has a fundamental role in the project that goes far beyond its mere illuminating function, directly contributing to complete the style of the environment where it is inserted. The gold by Catellani & Smith, with its preciousness, revealed to be in this context an inevitable choice.
“Natural light is received, reflected and amplified by the windows” declares the design studio “While the integrated ceiling illumination contributes to articulate spaces with the accent lamps that break the homogeneity, with metal touches and elegant textures.”
Therefore, “metal textures” to upset balances, but also as means to create a dynamic space, generate suggestive reflections, and amplify the sense of preciousness, materiality, and elegance.
Different creations by Catellani & Smith were chosen by the design studio for the Hotel de Rougemont: Luna Piena, but also PostKrisi in yellow, Malagola, Macchina della Luce, Stchu-Moon, Disco, and Lucenera; ceiling suspensions and lamps enrich the chalets, reinterpreting light and transforming it into charm, dream, and romanticism.
Luci d’Oro by Catellani & Smith is a collection dating back to 1995, able to charm and escape the limits of shapes, as the sun, the fire, or the essence of the same light. Objects that leave a mark in our souls, giving us sensations of harmony and happiness.

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