Luigi XV

Fuorisalone, Salvioni Milano Durini, Italy

Designer Enzo Catellani

photo by Nava Rapacchietta

Luigi XV

The new creation by Enzo Catellani has been made using technologically advanced materials, combined with the most innovative LED light sources, which result from the continuous progress of a technology, which allowed him to free the object-lamp from the bonds imposed by the use of more traditional components and materials.

The spectacular Luigi XV is a large, luminous and sculpture-like pendant light, which recalls the splendour of the Palace of Versailles, also for the precious materials used. However, the characteristic heavy structure of the great chandeliers of the past seems to have disappeared in this majestic creation, which looks at the same time light and airy, almost “dematerialized” through an exercise of simplification of style, which intends to enhance the purity of light.
The thin and almost invisible structure of the lamp is composed of three concentric rings made of carbon and composite materials, from which hundreds of thinnest 24K gold strips, each provided with 8 LEDs, fall, like cascades of light.

The LED light sources, instead of being hidden by shades or inserted into the lamp’s structure, become proper decorative elements, like tiny but precious points of light, with an enormous luminous efficiency.
Luigi XV is a stunning cascade of light, able to sway at the slightest breeze thanks to its unexpected structural lightness. This creation is the result of the research into the latest technologies available on the market, to place them at the service of creativity.

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