Macchina della Luce

Macchina della Luce

catellani & smith macchina della luce
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The origins

Macchina della Luce emerged from the Luci d’Oro collection, and was also developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations.

The time it takes to make a well-made lamp, is the time it takes to make a lamp well-made.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

It is not difficult to find something in this world that can be manufactured slightly worse and sold at a lower cost. The true victim of this situation is he who considers only the price.

John Ruskin

More details

Macchina della Luce D catellani
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Available versions

  • gold coloured leaf
  • copper coloured leaf
  • silver coloured leaf



pendant lamp


diffuser discs lined with leaf (disc Ø 120 cm with flying leaf), brass or aluminium rods, nickel base

Light source

mod. A
LED board 24V DC / 7x6W / energy class F / lumen 4410 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. B
LED board 24V DC / 2x6W / energy class F / lumen 1260 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. C
LED board 24V DC / 7x6W / energy class F / lumen 4410 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. D
LED board 24V DC / 10x6W / energy class F / lumen 6300 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. E
LED board 24V DC / 4x6W / energy class F / lumen 2520 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. F
LED board 24V DC / 9x6W / energy class F / lumen 5670 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

mod. I
LED board 24V DC / 5x6W / energy class F / lumen 3150 / K range 2700 / CRI 80

EPREL registered light source, click here

Power supply

low voltage driver 24V DC 220-240V dimmable Triac (dimmable 1...10V or DALI version available on request)

(110V available on request)


base Ø 21×10,5 H cm
rods H 145 cm variable (on request 300 cm)

mod. D discs
Ø 120-80-50-30-18 cm
weight 16 kg

mod. A
discs Ø 80-50-30-18 cm
weight 10 kg

mod. B
discs Ø 80-18 cm
weight 6 kg

mod. C
discs Ø 120-80-50 cm
weight 13 kg

efimod. E
discs Ø 50-30-18 cm
weight 6 kg

mod. F
discs Ø 120-80-50-30 cm
weight 15 kg

mod. I
discs Ø 80-50-30 cm
weight 8 kg

Order code mod. A


Order code mod. B

MBLGgold (brass rods)
MBLSsilver (aluminium rods)
MBLCcopper (brass rods)

Order code mod. C

MCLGgold (brass rods)
MCLSsilver (aluminium rods)
MCLCcopper (brass rods)

Order code mod. D

MDLGgold (brass rods)
MDLSsilver (aluminium rods)
MDLCcopper (brass rods)

Order code mod. E

MELGgold (brass rods)
MELSsilver (aluminium rods)
MELCcopper (brass rods)

Order code mod. F

MFLGgold (brass rods)
MFLSsilver (aluminium rods)
MFLCcopper (brass rods)

Order code mod. I

MILGgold (brass rods)
MILSsilver (aluminium rods)
MILCcopper (brass rods)