I Maestri del Paesaggio

Giardino di Casa Tresoldi, Italy

Enzo Catellani

photo by Nava-Rapacchietta

I Maestri del Paesaggio

A new garden of light and sound
7-25 September 2016, Giardino di Casa Tresoldi Città Alta/Bergamo

Catellani & Smith has taken part in this year edition of the event devoted to landscape architecture ‘I Maestri del Paesaggio‘ and  for the second time has illuminated the garden of Casa Tresoldi, a historic location in the heart of Città Alta.
From 7 to 25 September, the location overlooking Via Colleoni became the scene of a light and sound installation, with a background of vibrant and magical tones of music, in line with the theme of ‘Wild Landscape’, the common denominator of all the events of the exhibition.

‘A new garden of light and sound’, designed by Guido Parenzan for Catellani & Smith, was conceived as a fascinating and unexpected location, that awoke at sunset, when the city became silent. The lamps by Catellani & Smith emulated with tact the beauty of natural elements and delicately camouflaged themselves in the vegetation, enhancing it. This is how bright ear of wheat, small mushrooms tracing paths in the grass, frosted fruits and lighting stones were born, made of metal, glass or resin, in different heights and sizes. The lights, made in collaboration with the lighting consultant Arch. Maurizio Quargnale, have been included in a catalogue that reflects the artistic and emotional values of the company’s philosophy and its flexibility in manufacturing custom-made projects.
The atmosphere of the garden was completed by white music sound diffused by the modules made by Architettura Sonora, hanging from the trees or hidden among the boxwoods, to emphasize the magic atmosphere and make it even more immersive.
A new addition this year has been the installation of two small pools into the garden – two stretches of water with a dark floor –  which reflected the landscape image captured by their surfaces, opening new suggestive dimensions to the visitors. These small ponds were realized thanks to the support of Dr. Maurizio Vegini of Piscine & Natura, a company specialized in bio-pools design and natural pools.
Wild Landscape, then, like a mysterious natural world to be approached with respect and caution, like a creature far apart from man, but ever-present in his imagination and capable to induce great emotions.

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