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More F

illuminazione made in italy
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The origins

Enzo Catellani has designed his first collection of outdoor lights for Catellani & Smith in response to the trend that, over the years, has seen living spaces move outside into terraces and gardens, creating extensions of the house.
Enzo Catellani’s main goal was to create a collection of indoor lamps suitable for outdoor installation; lighting fixtures created for the outside, but able to recreate the same warmth and atmosphere as indoor lights.
Glass plays a starring role in this collection; glass which, before being completely cooled, is shaped by hand.

If you want to make beautiful things, you have to produce them in a beautiful place.

Enzo Catellani

The making of

When I live by what I thought the day before, I will start fearing him, who copies from me.

Fortunato Depero

More details

Catellani&Smith: More F
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Available versions

  • green glass
  • transparent glass
  • amber glass


Materials and colours

transparent, green, amber glass; metal stem.

NOTE: the stems of the More collection are made of zinc plated metal. They are suitable for outdoor installation, but they are not immersion proof. On request we can supply stems suitable for this kind of installation into water.

Light source

LED bulb G4 12V DC 1x1,5W / energy class A+ / lumen 150 / K 2700 / CRI 85 / protection grade IP65

NOTE: IP specifics - lamp holder IP65 (not protected against immersion); wires and connectors IP68; drivers IP67; IP average rate of the lamp 44.

Power supply

12V DC transformer not included


glass 7×10 cm ca.
H 70 cm (cable 220 cm)
H 100 cm (cable 190 cm)
H 130 cm (cable 160 cm)

Order code

MR70H 70 cm / trasparent
MR70GRH 70 cm / green
MR70AH 70 cm / amber
MR100H 100 cm / trasparent
MR100GRH 100 cm / green
MR100AH 100 cm / amber
MR130H 130 cm / trasparent
MR130GRH 130 cm / green
MR130AH 130 cm / amber

Supporting accessories

MSsupporting modular plate 32x32x32 cm (max 4 lamps)
MPTMore peg 25 cm

Accessories for gel box system

ED6driver 10W 12V DC 220-240V IP67 not dimmable (max 6 lamps)
MB1mini gel box IP68 (max 2 connections, connectors included)
MB2mini gel box IP68 (max 6 connections, connectors included)
KP1extension kit 5 mt with mini gel box IP68 (max 1 lamp)

Accessories for quick connectors system

ED6CRdriver 10W 12V DC 220-240V IP67 not dimmable with quick connectors (max 6 lamps)
CRMmultiple quick connector IP68 - 1 IN & 5 OUT (max 5 connections)
CRSsingle quick connector IN IP68
KP2extension kit 5 mt with quick connectors IP68 (max 1 lamp)