Private residence, Aversa (CE)

Private residence, Italy

Project by Antonio Zagaria Architetto, Aversa (CE) / Instagram: studiounoarchitettura / Facebook antoniozagaria)

photo by Nava Rapacchietta

Private residence, Aversa (CE)

Designed by architect Antonio Zagaria, the first residence is situated in the heart of Aversa’s historic center (Caserta), just a few steps away from the Duomo and the main shopping streets.

Housed within an ancient building, this home is the result of a significant restoration that faithfully preserved the historical identity of the location, including the arches within the apartment.
The original layout of the house featured many segmented spaces, which have been reconfigured to allow for freer movement between rooms. The residence is centered around a small winter garden, enclosed by a glass wall, with which the living area and kitchen seamlessly interact, providing a sense of openness and fluidity. At the heart of this project is the enchanting garden itself, where the Fil de Fer floor lamp, placed at the base of a historic tree, illuminates the space with its tiny LEDs creating a truly magical ambiance.

The interior decoration is a masterful blend of diverse materials – from the wooden parquet to the white marble flooring with brown veining – as well as artworks and photographs that foster a refined and contemporary environment.
The lamps selected for this residence feature the unmistakable gold-colored leaf that is typical of Catellani & Smith‘s creations, such as the Gold Moon Chandelier in the living area, Ale BIG illuminating a black-and-white portrait on the wall, PostKrisi 70 in the bedroom, and Stchu-Moon 01.
Complementing these golden creations, are the perfect circles of the Sorry Giotto floor lamp and the chromatic harmony of Ettorino BIG’s finish in three primary colors, which cast a luminous magenta magic onto the ceiling.

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