Private residence, Napoli

Private residence, Italy

Project by Consonni Arredamenti, Napoli / Instagram: consonniarredamenti / Facebook consonniarredamenti)

photo by Nava Rapacchietta

Private residence, Napoli

In Naples, a residence designed by Consonni Arredamenti welcomes guests into a bright dining room dominated by the Petits Bijoux lamp above an impressive marble-topped table.

The room’s lighting is complemented by a pair of Cono lamps with an intense blue finish, which, along with the red velvet chairs, add a touch of colour to the space. Moving towards the elegant kitchen, the standout piece is the Nuvola lamp. Its luminous weave creates a sharp contrast with the black furnishings and is reflected in the mirrored finish of the cabinets, giving a sense of greater depth.
The living area, with a sea view, features two Sfera lamps mounted on a red wall, which enhances their mirrored surfaces and the beams of light. The reflective effect of the spheres captures the surrounding space, transforming the lamps into luminous objects even when switched off.

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