Residential villa, Caserta

Residential villa, Italy

Project by Giovanni Schiavone Architect / Instagram: giovannischiavone_architect / Facebook: giovanni.schiavonearchitetto)

photo by Nava Rapacchietta

Residential villa, Caserta

In the province of Caserta, within a residential villa designed by architect Giovanni Schiavone, individual Gold Moon pendants form a striking composition that illuminates the long dining table in the living area. The varying heights of the pendants and the irregular shapes of the shades add dynamism to the entire arrangement, while the golden leaf finish adds warmth to a space characterized by parquet flooring throughout the house and furnishings in wood or deep hues.
Recessed Stchu-Moon R lamps on the ceilings, along with the Ettorino BIG floor lamp, illuminate the living areas, which are adorned with small sculptures and artworks. For the outdoor spaces, featuring a covered porch and an elegant infinity pool, were selected some models from the outdoor collection. The vibrant green vegetation is punctuated by the precious stems of Syphasera and Syphasfera, while the enchanting Fil de Fer Outdoor lamp by the poolside creates magical reflections in the water.

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